Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's about time I update this blog for family and friends. We are doing well. I had a short stay in the hospital but am feeling much better now. Kylee is 2 yrs and 5 months old. She has been going to a children's center 3 days a week, 4 hours a day. It has been awesome. It has given me just enough time to take care of all my medical appointments and still have a little time to myself. She loves it. She is starting to really get into music and making up her own songs.
We have not done anything to exciting or note worthy. We have just been trying to stay cool. Here are a few pics.
When we ask Kylee to smile for the camera, we get this aweful cheesy fake grin. I know all kids have a time they do this but I cant wait to see her real smile again. She was such a mess this day. She had a white sweater on and had been givin a plate full of strawberries.
Here's the cheesy grin again, but I still love this picture of her.

And why do people think it is funny to take pictures of others kids when they are picking there nose?

All kids pick their nose, we just dont need pictures of it.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exciting Day....

Actually, we aren't even doing anything today.


Kylee p00ped on the potty today, YIPEE!

I found out that I get to go to Time Out For Women in April and I just cant wait. The bummer is I have no one to go with but I'm sure I will still enjoy an evening and day all to myself without 2 year old conversations, not that I dont love them.

In other news...I cant wait for our local farmer's market to start up. Kylee is going to make us go broke. She loves fruit and well her favorites are blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I dont know about where you live but the price of those things here are about $5 for a 4 oz container. It will be sad if we go in debt because of her fruit consumption.

She's not a big eater and that's a big issue because the doctor keeps telling us she's under weight. She looks healthy and is a very smart and active child, she just doesn't like to eat and that makes her skinny. She is just to busy to stop and eat. We do our best and since she loves the fruit so much we get it for her.

Sorry for such a boring post

I'm trying to keep up with the two posts a week.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow Trip

Wow, its only been 6 days since my last post. That's probably some sort of record for me.
Kylee went to the snow for the very first time. I was too sick to go but glad they were able to go without me. Here Ky is with friend Grant.
Huge snowball
Deep snow. Daddy says she thought this was hilarious.
Flying in the air which is just as fun in the snow as it is at home.

Dad said the weather was beautiful and that Ky did excellent on the almost 3 hour drive. When they got home she was wiped out. They brought back a few pieces of soaking wet clothing. I'm glad I sent plenty of extra changes.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where'd my baby go?

We started here at 4 lbs 7 oz and 17 inches long. My baby was small enough to fit in her daddy's baseball cap. We used to have to set an alarm clock to wake us up to feed her because she was to small to wake herself up when she was hungry. We thought she would never grow. She loved being swaddled very tightly and daddy was the only one who could do it to her liking. At six months old we were still swaddling her for the night, it was the only way to get her to sleep. It was so fun to watch Ky wake up to the world and see all the things going on around her. She sat up, crawled and started walking this first year of life. She babbled a lot and had a small vocabulary. She started eating really food but just wasn't sure if she liked it. We thought she would never get hair. I so badly wanted pigtails and ponytails, I set my expectations too high. We loved teaching her to do new things and watching her master those things.

A year later we walked into being a 1 year old. That year was filled with lots of learning and exploring of a great world. It also brought on awful allergies and febrile seizures. She learned to run, jump, and do sommersaults. She decided that food really was a good thing and started to become a better eater. She also decided to give up the shyness and just become a ham, it didn't matter who was watching. She wanted to carry her own purse and have a "hairdo" and have "cheeks" (blush on her cheeks) and "lips" (chapstick) on whether we were leaving the house or not. She has adopted many special people into her life.

Now we are bouncing into being 2! I cant believe it. Kylee talks nonstop with a large vocabulary. She knows most of her letters and numbers from 1-10. She loves being outside and would stay out there all day if we would let her. She loves fruit and chocolate. She knows what she wants and she lets us know about it. She is silly, always trying to make us smile. She still fights going to sleep but she also still twirls her hair when she is really sleepy. She has to have her stuffed dog that her daddy got her to fall asleep. She loves being read to and loves to color and write. She loves to get up and go. It doesn't matter where we go, she just likes going places. She finds excitement in whatever we are doing. Kylee also finally got some hair, enough to do those pigtails and ponytails. She loves to go to church and wear pretty dress that have high twirl potential. Its the first thing she tests when a dress is put on her.

I just cant figure out how we arrived at being 2. I have lost my baby and cannot find her. I have a new little toddler though that I absolutely love and adore who lights up my life everyday.


Let me just say

its been a really long time since I posted. I've been reading blogs and doing some commenting but have not even attempted to post anything.

I'm sure the two of you that read my blog missed me, or not!

I'm going to try to be back

My goal: two posts a week

are you laughing at me?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I don't of those.
I know I haven't written a post in awhile and people have emailed asking if I am okay. This will be a post about random things. because if I tried to tie everything together in a neat little paragraph, well that just wouldn't be very pretty. Also, if you have a weak stomach skip the first part of this post.
This was 2 days after surgery for my Port-A-Cath insertion. The bruising actually got quite worse. It has been a pain in my neck (literally, it is located on my right side beneath my clavicle). It was supposed to be put in my left side since the bad one was in my right side, but there were a few complications so they had to revise the plan. After 2 extra hours in surgery and two infection it has finally healed and there is just a small little line there. It has not been accessed yet because of the infections but will be later on today for some blood draws and a flush.

This was Thanksgiving day. Kylee wanted to finish off the stuffing, the only thing she liked on her plate. She also found the drumstick to be very fascinating (although you cant tell by her face) Also, our house is not cold, but its pretty cool to eat dinner with a beanie on your head.

Just a cute picture before going out for Mommy's birthday dinner. My Birthday was on Thanksgiving day this year so my dinner was delayed a few days.

My husband went camping for a week and I had asked him to call me and let me know he wasn't dead. Well he said he couldn't call because he had "no service" on his phone. Later, after transferring the pics from the camera to the computer I found that he even took a picture to prove the no service theory.

One of our attempts at getting a cute Christmas card for the year. We liked this one the best (she was not looking at the camera in any of them, she was distracted by our dog).

I am almost ready for Christmas. I have some more candy to make and house cleaning to do. In a few days I will show off the pictures that we had taken as a family and just of Kylee alone. Also, I will post the pics of Kylee decorating the house.